Self-Publishing Services

4 Square Books exists to advise and help individuals and organizations who wish to publish a book. 4 Square operates on both sides of the Atlantic, in the UK and North America.

The traditional route into publishing is very difficult, if not impossible. (John Grisham was rejected by 28 publishers.) Publishing yourself will at least give you the satisfaction that you were published, but please don’t dream of riches. Whilst we can sell you a basic marketing package, it is usually sheer luck which produces sufficient sales to cover your costs.

Well that doesn’t sound like much of a sales pitch does it? We just believe in telling the truth.

Of course having obtained printed copies of your book you will be much better armed in taking it off to an agent or direct to a traditional publisher. It will be so much more attractive than an unedited manuscript. We are quite happy if you do this, and don’t retain any publishing rights.

The situation is different if you are an academic, or represent an organization. Publishing a book or guide will give the opportunity for direct sales, and buying books for resale at cost is a real advantage and an opportunity to make a considerable margin.

  • We charge fees according to the work which needs to be done.
  • We don’t have expensive overheads, nor aim to maximize profits.
  • We will be transparent and honest with you as to what work needs to be done and how much it will cost.
  • © copyright always remains with you

We help you prepare your book through to publication, at which point you can decide whether to publish under the 4 Square imprint (and use a free ISBN) or to take the print-ready files and publish it yourself.

4 Square books are listed on, and other Amazon sites. Royalties from sales are passed on to you less 10%.

Printed copies are also available through bookshops, but bookshops will not usually stock an unknown author, and they have to order copies on request. (Royalties  for these sales are roughly one third of those sold direct through Amazon.)

Printed copies are also available for you to purchase for your own sales and distribution. These can be ordered in any quantities, and are printed using the Print On Demand (POD) process. You pay the cost price for these copies.

Chris Fayers, the principal, has over 35 years of publishing experience in editorial, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAproduction and design work. He offers author/writer mentoring, design/typesetting, and production/publishing services to get your manuscript into print. Other services, including editing, proofreading and illustration, are commissioned without any markup from a network of thoroughly experience professionals.

• There are no hidden costs or sign-up fees. It costs nothing to talk to us.

As an example we recently published a novel of around 80,000 words. It required a very thorough copy edit, typesetting, design (interior and cover) and publishing. The fee to the author was £2,200 ($2,750). The book was published at £9.65 in the UK and $11.95 in the USA and the author will receive a royalty of about £2.33 ($2.90) a copy on sales through Amazon. Copies bought for resale cost £3.08 ($3.85) a copy, plus freight. The book was proofed by friends, and the author took on the marketing herself. This example is only a guideline to give some idea of costs. We know of people who have been charged five figures for very little more.

Whether you have written a novel, biography, memoir, or textbook, 4 Square can help with all or part of the whole process.

We have clients in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and  in Australia; and have published or assisted in publishing a large variety of titles for satisfied customers.

• We will be honest with you about your content, and above all the costs. We CH01FacEmpower_frntcovknow that many people pay huge sums for these services, but our charges are modest.

Please get in touch, and let’s make a book!