Self-Publishing Services

4 Square Books exists to advise and help individuals and organizations who wish to publish a paperback.

We charge fees according to the work which needs to be done.* We don’t sell packages as every project is different in length and content. Unless you have a guaranteed market we don’t usually suggest traditional print runs in thousands, we believe that print on demand (POD)** is the answer for most clients.

Books are listed on, and other Amazon sites. Copies are also available through bookshops, although the royalties are around a third of those made by sales through Amazon. (Bookshops will not usually stock an unknown author, they have to order copies on request.)

Copies are also available for purchase at a modest price for your own sales and distribution. These can be ordered in any quantities.**

Chris Fayers, the principal, has over 35 years of publishing experience in editorial, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAproduction and design work. He offers author/writer mentoring, design/typesetting, and production/publishing services to get your manuscript into print. Other services, particularly editing, are commissioned without any markup from a network of thoroughly experience professionals.

• There are no hidden costs or sign-up fees. It costs nothing to talk to us. •

Copies sold on Amazon attract a royalty which is passed on to you less a small percentage. Bulk copies which you order are charged at cost.

• We maintain a network not an office. •

Whether you have written a novel, biography, memoir, or textbook, 4 Square can help with all or part of the whole process. You can either publish under the 4 Square imprint and use one of our ISBN numbers (at no charge), or else publish the files yourself and use your own ISBN.

• © copyright always remains with you •

We have clients in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and  in Australia; and have published or assisted in publishing a large variety of titles for satisfied customers.

We will be honest with you about your content, and above all the costs. We CH01FacEmpower_frntcovknow that many people pay huge sums for these services, but our charges are modest.

Please get in touch, and let’s make a book!

* The fees for editing, if necessary, vary a lot, but for the average novel will likely be between US$15.00 and US$25.00 per thousand words. Typesetting and design of interior and cover, proofing, preparation of printing files, and publishing adds around US$1,500 but depends on the length of the book. Other possible extras might include proofreading, illustration, photography etc, all of which can be provided.

** Print on demand means that one copy is printed at a time when ordered. There are therefore no print costs, unless you want to order copies to sell yourself. A 250 page book, black and white inside, with a full color cover costs around US$4.00 per copy to print plus freight.